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About LCRG

Founded in 2007, Laurel School’s Center for Research on Girls integrates the world’s best research on how girls learn and grow into every Laurel student’s education.
Laurel’s curriculum reflects research on the power of growth mindset, the importance of educating girls about stereotype threat, and proven approaches for engaging and retaining girls in STEM fields.

LCRG in Action

The daily work of LCRG models the very attitudes we aim to cultivate in Laurel girls:
  • Learning is a lifelong process
  • We can always expand what we know
  • We can always improve our practice
  • The smartest girl in the room is the one who says “If I don’t know the answer, I know I can find it.”

Original Research

When we come across challenges that haven’t yet been studied, LCRG partners with scholars from around the country to find answers.
Our recent research projects have addressed stress and well-being in girls’ lives, how creativity builds emotional resilience and intellectual skills, and the factors that drive self-esteem in middle school girls. LCRG shares its resources with girls’ educators, parents, and advocates everywhere and has an international following among educators and the media.

LCRG's Founders & Leadership

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  • Ann V. Klotz

    Founder, LCRG
    Head of School, Laurel School

    Ms. Klotz began her tenure as Laurel’s tenth Head of School in 2004. She has worked in girls’ schools as a teacher and administrator for more than thirty-five years and is devoted to the academic, social and emotional development of girls.
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  • Dr. Lisa Damour

    Founder, LCRG
    Consulting Psychologist
    , Laurel School
    NYT Best Selling Author, Untangled and Under Pressure

    Lisa Damour, Ph.D. is a Founder of Laurel School’s Center for Research on Girls, writes the monthly Adolescence column for the Well Family section of the New York Times, and is a regular contributor at CBS News.
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  • Dr. Tori Cordiano

    Consulting Psychologist, Laurel School
    Director of Research, LCRG
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  • Dr. Rachel Herlein

    Ass't Head for Academic Excellence, Laurel School
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  • Megan Weiskopf

    Director of Teaching & Learning, Laurel School
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  • Dr. Grace Willer

    Director of Learning Strategies, Laurel School
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